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Experience the thrill and total adrenaline rush. Few other activities come anywhere near the euphoria or ecstacy of your first skydive! Reach exhilarating speeds of around 200km/h plus, as you freefall from up to 13,000 feet. After your freefall enjoy the parachute journey taking in the spectacular views over these fine areas of New Zealand. This will be a life changing moment, and certainly one you will never forget!

So you wish to learn to skydive? We have the parachute to match your weight the instructors with video & the passion to help make it happen for you. If Base jumping is what you wish to do we are able to train you to a safe standard. You then decide your direction.
We welcome all
sport jumpers to join our local and ever growing group of dedicated jumpers.

Welcome to 0800SKYDIVE Wellington

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We Skydive from Hood Aerodrome - Masterton - Wairarapa Wellington Region. People come to us from Wellington - Kapiti Coast - Levin, Palmerston North, Wanganui - Manawatu _ Napier, Hastings - Hawke's Bay